Resource Guide for Hay Day
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Beginner's Information to Hay Day

Hay Day is an unbelievably well-known plantation emulator for tablet computers and mobile phones released by Supercell. In this beginner's guide to Hay-Day, we 'll answer the many frequent Hay Day questions and give some ideas that are ace to get your farm started. Let us begin if you're not used need a helping hands and to Hay Day!

Hay Day Guide: Coins and Diamonds

Coins will be the conventional currency in Hay Day. You'll earn them by selling goods your farm generates, and for the most part you'll invest them on developments to your farm.

Coins are quite easy to find. Goods 'll be asked for by them and pay you when visitors come to your plantation. Likewise, it is possible to promote stuff in the roadside store or to the purchase panel to generate coins. As you market the goods of your farm and harvest, you'll also levelup, which will uncover buildings that are new to purchase along with your coins.

Diamonds are the premium money in Hay-Day. A "premium money" is just something the game offers you a small quantity of and normally bills you actual, real dollars for more. Maybe not all Hay Day diamonds cost money, though!

You will get free diamonds in Hay-Day from several resources:

Concealed Chests, which seem like... sparkly red toolboxes. Sometimes these have gemstones included. Occasionally, still, you desire they to be opened by gemstones. Thus, they are something of a gamble.

Attaining an even occasionally offers free diamonds in Hay-Day to you.

"Night at the Movies" that's somewhat solution that's sometimes on the floor close to your mailbox. You will need to watch for a chance at Hay Day diamonds that are free in previews.

Concluding achievements also provides you diamonds that are complimentary. Tap on the farm-house and you could see a record of accomplishments as well as the rewards they they provide.

There is a day-to-day "Prize Wheel" you'll be able to spin for a chance at free gemstones. The Prize Wheel could be found from the other side of the street from your own mailbox.

Gemstones can be utilized for several things issues in Hay-Day. It is possible to devote although that's generally a waste timers to skip. You can also utilize them to buy rare items, which is a somewhat better method to spend them. Finally, they can also be used to include slots to buildings that make stuff. This really is the only method to include more slots, therefore it's wise to save most of your gemstones for this purpose.

Crops are the first point you will figure out how to create in Hay-Day. Crops are planted in fields. To put a crop, exploit on any area that is empty, and then pull the crop you would like to plant onto the empty field. This will begin a timer. When the timer expires, the crops can be harvested by you by harnessing the plants and then dragging the sickle over the prepared-to- fields.